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EXCXT Wire Rope Hoists for Hazardous Environments

In developing the product range for hazardous environments, Konecranes utilized its vast experience in explosion-proof applications and its extensive resources and innovation in crane and component technology. This has resulted in the most competitive and comprehensive range of explosion-proof cranes and components. The range includes industrial cranes, jib cranes and manual cranes as well as electric and manual hoists with lifting capacities from 125 kg to 100 tons. All the components are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest safety level required for hazardous atmospheres in chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, gas power plants, waste water treatment plants, paint shops and other industrial sites.

Four-Girder Charging Crane Technical Specs

The charging crane transports scrap and liquid steel to the furnace. The same crane can work as backup to the ladle crane if needed. Konecranes charging cranes are well-protected from the flames and radiated heat, as well as the brief, intense heat of the charge itself. These cranes are a critical part of production and, since the load is molten steel, safety and reliability are the key words in the crane design.

General Overhual

Machinery components experience fatigue and wear-and-tear whenever a crane is working. As time passes, the theoretical service life of a hoist unit decreases, and the wear on components could result in certain hazards

Hevi-Lift Hoists for Nuclear Industry

Hevi-lift hoists deliver industry-best durability, versality and value.

Hoists and Winches for Wind Turbine Applications

the wind power industry demands very strict operation requirements due to the unique environment in which the equipment must operate. the wXN Electric Chain Hoist addresses these requirements with its compact, cost effective and versatile design. a complete solution from a leading supplier of wind turbine service hoists.

Industrial Cranes Brochure

We offer an extensive selection of industrial lifting equipment using the latest technology, and supported by comprehensive service.

Industrial Cranes digital brochure

Intelligent Lifting for Competitive Steel: Steel Industry Solutions

Konecranes C-series product flyer

Konecranes Container LIft Trucks

konecranes has a long history of working with leading container ports and terminals that are expert buyers and operators of container lift trucks. Our customers demand a lot of us, and we have a long track record of meeting their requirements year after year

Konecranes Exproof product marking

Konecranes Exproof product marking

Konecranes Fork Lift Truck

10-65 tons fork lift truck with heart

Konecranes Lift Trucks

We make lift truck with heart general brochures

Konecranes Lift Trucks mini range

We delivered our first heavy-duty lift truck to a special customer in 1959. We put our heart into that first delivery, making the truck with great care and craftsmanship, looking after the delivery and working life of our first-born to make sure that customer was more than pleased

Konecranes M-series open winch crane flyer

Konecranes Power options

We offer a variety of power options for RTGs.

Konecranes Reach Stackers / コネクレーンズ リーチスタッカー

Reach Stackers with heart

Konecranes RENTALL

Konecranes RENTALL gets you a crane without a large one time investment. After site-related costs, you pay only a fixed monthly fee that includes crane service to keep your lifting equipment in top condition.

Konecranes S-series crane flyer

Low Emission Port Cranes: When Less Is More

the objective is to minimize redundant driving and to maximize the effciency and productivity of the equipment fleet. In other words, to reduce any redundant activity – and that, in turn, translates to a direct cut in emissions

Made by Experts

Made by Experts Estonia


the mechanical paper roll lifter grips the rolls with evenly distributed 6 friction pads around the roll. a gentle but firm grip minimizes roll deformation and damage. the fully mechanical construction (patented) is robust but lightweight and compact, and can make it possible to utilize the storage space more effectively

Plate Loading Crane Technical Specs

Power industry :Proven and Reliable lifting solutions

konecranes has gained its knowledge and expertise through years of experience and accordingly has a wide ranging list of references. Having been generating solutions for the power industry since the 1930s, we have developed a deep understanding of the power industry’s characteristics and challenges, processes, product and service needs, as well as the technical requirements